What is Mineral-Added HDPE Plastic Lumber?

Our plastic lumber is a mineral-filled composite formula. This means that we mix high density polyethylene with any of a number of available minerals. We utilize a mineral additive to make our plastic lumber stronger and to decrease the expansion/contraction common to all plastic lumber. Our proprietary formula enables us to offer plastic lumber products that will last a lifetime yet out-perform many of its competitors on the market today. We are one of only a few manufacturers who utilize mineral to enhance the properties of plastic lumber.

How long will your products last?

Our mineral filled composite plastic lumber will last decades as evidenced by our warranty which protects against rotting, cracking, splitting and peeling for a minimum of 50 years. Because we do not incorporate fibrous materials into our product, there is nothing to breakdown.

Does the material expand or contract with temperature changes?

Yes, like all alternative wood materials on the market today, our mineral filled composite plastic lumber expands in the heat and contracts in the cold on the butt ends of the boards. However, one of the advantages of utilizing a mineral in our formula that it minimizes the thermal expansion rate and compares very favorably to wood filled composite products on the market today. There is no noticeable movement width-wise in our boards.

Is your synthetic lumber mold and mildew free?

Because of our closed molecular formula that contains no organic material, mold and mildew have no place to hide and no source of nutrition. If, however, enough dirt and grime are allowed to collect on the boards, mold or mildew may adhere to the dirt. A quick cleaning with a pressure washer will remove ALL of the dirt, grime, mold and mildew instantly.

Will insects or termites penetrate your synthetic lumber?

No, our plastic HDPE lumber is insect and termite proof. The closed molecular formula that contains no organic material provides no nutrition source for insects keeping it free of infestation.

What colors does your product come in?

Currently our product is offered in nine different colors; white, gray, tan, putty, cedar, chocolate brown, black, green and redwood.  We typically add new colors from time to time. Our color is consistent all the way through the material which means that the material color is the same on the ends as the color on surface. 

Does your product fade?

Everything fades in direct sunlight, however our color additives contain a ultra-violet protection package, which minimizes fade in our product. Our fading is so slight that we refer to it as “no-noticeable fading.”

Can I use your product in or around fuel docking areas?

No, the warranty becomes void if EPS Solutions plastic lumber comes in contact with petroleum based products. Safety standards and most building codes require that alternative material be used in these areas. Refer to your local building codes for guidelines in what materials to use in these applications.  

Is there potential for static electricity when walking on your product?

Yes, as with most other synthetic lumber products, given the right conditions, our lumber does come with the potential for the build-up of static electricity. We use static eliminators in our manufacturing process which dissipates the built-up charge in the extrusion process. However, just like with carpet, the potential remains for further build-up of static electricity. We have found that over time static electricity dissipates. Hosing down your lumber with a combination of Simple Green cleaner and water will also help dissipate static electricity.

Is the plastic lumber scratch resistant?

Our proprietary formula has been engineered to be scratch and scuff resistant. Because the synthetic lumber has the same color and material all the way through, even deep gouges easily vanish by simply applying heat with a heat gun or propane torch.

No permanent staining?

Our material is completely resilient to staining because our closed molecular formula allows nothing to adhere to it, including ink and paint.

How do you determine my needs?

In order to develop your plastic lumber project, we consult you every step of the way. First, we determine the nature of the project and the materials and manufacturing needed for its completion. Next, we work to design, manufacture and produce the final product.

How do I order?

We begin your synthetic lumber product development by sitting down with you and discussing the nature of your project and the goals it must accomplish. After the initial consultation, we will generate a project quote and begin working on your custom application. Contact an EPS Solutions representative today to get started. (800) 480-2327

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